Covering your house with Halloween thrills and chills has never been easier. We found 14 homemade (or almost) Halloween decorations that range from chillingly clever (dead & breakfast anyone?) to delightfully simple. Scroll down to get inspired. 

Go Overboard on Pumpkins

We love the idea of having an overload of pumpkins lining your front porch. You can get various sizes and shapes, and even use some luminaries! 

Halloween Yard Sign

Lead little ones to your front door with eerie signage. From Harry Potter to zombie warnings and more, there’s no end to the possibilities!  Check out this easy tutorial from Birds and Soap to find out how to make it happen. 

Keep It Simple

If you aren't a huge fan of over-the-top Halloween decorations, keep it simple with gourds, pumpkins and straw. It's still got that festive feeling, and you aren't staring down skeletons for a month. 

Make a Cave-Like Entrance

It’s easy to make your porch a spooky cave where bats dwell with this cobweb banner spotted over at The Crafting Chicks. We love how it’s sweet enough to not scare off tiny trick-or-treaters. 

Milk Carton Luminaries

Better start saving your milk jugs (and ask your friends!) now to make your own Spirit Jugs like the ones from Eighteen 25. The easiest project to make at home, you can even get your little ones in on the action. Take a peek at the how-to over at Eighteen 25.


Stacked Painted Pumpkins

These stackable pumpkins look amazing, add a funky vibe to your front porch, and are surprisingly easy to make—especially when you follow the tutorial we found over at Brit + Co. It’s also a decoration idea that’ll last for years and can be used both inside and out. Grab a few pumpkins from your local craft store and head over to Brit + Co for the how-to.

Dead & Breakfast Sign

For any serious DIYers out there, this spooky B&B sign is just the ticket. The scariest part about this tutorial is the power tools, and you won’t believe what project master Christy used as the post! Get all the details over at Confessions of a Serial DIYer.


Easy Floating Ghosts

These floating ghosts seem more sweet than spooky. The best part? This last-minute decor detail is a cinch to make. Jessi of Practically Functional has the details on a DIY anyone can tackle.


Giant Spider Web

Life can be a tangled web and MyUntangledLife makes one of the best! Drape this amazing spider’s home on your front porch for the holiday and see how many little ghouls and goblins dare enter!  There aren’t too many supplies for this project (clothing line is a MUST), but you will need all the helping hands you can get—maybe eight or so? Fly over to MyUntangledLife for more details.

photo: Jacob Clayton at MyUntangledLife

Mice Silhouettes

If you’ve got steps up to your front door, this idea from Sixty-Fifth Avenue works perfectly. We love the silhouette mice: they add a spooky touch without being too creepy. Add in a few pumpkins and any Cinderellas out for a stroll will feel right at home. You can find the silhouettes at the local craft store or make your own if you’re feeling crafty. See the entire set up over at Sixty-Fifth Avenue.


Climbing Skeletons

We are in awe of the skeletons caught crawling all over this amazing home in Brooklyn. Stephanie of Brooklyn Limestone shares her inspirations and stunning home decor here. And, even if you don't have a 100-year-old home to decorate, you can still get the look by following this tutorial from Instructables

Emoji Ghost Balloons

These ghost emojis from Awww, Sam are sweet, not scary Halloween decorations. With only a few supplies, this DIY is the perfect decor for a Halloween party or to welcome trick-or-treaters to your door. Find out how to make your own bundle here.  


These Jack O’ Lanterns are anything but “cookie cutter"! They’ll light a ghoulish path to your door as luminaries, or add a stylish pop to your porch. All you need are stainless steel cookie cutters and a rubber mallet. Nancy at Nancy Creative has the scoop.


Pinecone Bats

Let these guys “hang out” in your trees or on your porch. They're fun for kids to make with pinecones, googly eyes and felt. Swoop over to Fireflies and Mud Pies, where Melissa has the instructions, and if you scroll down, you'll find a fun spider craft, too!  


— Natasha Davis & Gabby Cullen