Every once in a while I meet someone who just does not want to dress up for Halloween. Not at all. I came up with a mask that’s fun to make – because you have to eat all of the candy first – and is something anyone is willing to put on for a little trick-or-treating.

You’ll Need:
2 mask bases

Modge podge glue

Candy Wrappers

Various Hat Feathers

Hot Glue + Hot Glue Gun

Two 12” lengths of 1/8 inch doweling

1. Layout the candy wrappers in the pattern you want on the mask.

2. Coat one corner of the mask with modge podge glue and lay a wrapper on top – or enough wrappers to cover the glue.

3. Continue working across the mask, until it is completely covered with wrappers – don’t worry if the edges hang off.

4. Coat the top of the wrappers with the modge podge and let dry completely.

5. When dry, trim edges of the wrappers so they are smooth to the edge of the mask.

6. With the hot glue, apply hat feathers (from the craft store) and the doweling (so you can hold up your mask).

Lifestyle maven Alexandra Hedin has been taking her know-how on cooking, decorating, and being the consummate hostess to the masses following the publication of her book Entertaining at Home. She’s a mom to three small kids and will be documenting the transformation of her new home into an expressions of her style on her blog.