H&M Home has yet to be released in the US, and already they’ve found a way to add to our across the pond envy. Seriously, we’re drooling (and it’s not because we’re hungry for lunch!).

H&M Home just launched a kids collection for our oh-so-lucky friends in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and UK. Their cute kids line will delight your inner interior-designer and make the bedroom your little one’s favorite place to be — or show off. At the moment, there’s really only one theme — woodlands — but the pieces range from cheeky to dainty, and would suit the kiddos of all ages.

Things could get territorial with a “Beware of Kids” rug at the door, but that’s just one of our favorites from this collection. We bet your kids would be eager to hit the hay in a starry-night duvet, or romp around the house as a Wild Thing in a soft cuddly throw. Plus, no more bulky boxes or unappealing brown cabinets. You would have an easier time getting the kids to clean up with doe-eyed bunnies as hooks or tree-trunk inspired storage cabinets. If that’s not enough, there’s also adorable laundry bags, soft toys, cushions, towels and even baby rattles!

Judging how awesome H&M kids collection is we’re sure the line will continue to expand. For now, we’ll sit patiently (in our non-decorated rooms) until the collection makes it over here… into our waiting homes.

Online: about.hm.com

— Christal Yuen

Photo courtesy of Mikkel Vang for H&M