If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we all cope with uncertainty in different ways. For cousins Sabrina Haechler & Jessica Bukowski, quarantine led them to channel their energy into helping others. Their new project called resilienSEED features handmade bracelets with words spelled out in Morse Code using seed beads. Profits from all the bracelets are donated to causes that align with Sabrina and Jessica’s values. Read on to find out more about resilienSEED and these charming bracelets that are handmade with love.

What are resilienSEED bracelets and who makes them?
Handbeaded in Mill Valley, California, resilienSEED bracelets are simple, stylish and functional. They’re made out of waxed polyester, which makes them totally waterproof. You can adjust them to fit all wrist sizes and they can also slip easily on and off.

The cousins tell us, “We’re super fortunate to have a lot of help from our relatives, many of whom live nearby. On any given day, there’s a good chance that you’ll find our parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and cousins helping us out with beading. So many great things have come from resilienSEED, including the bonding of our family during the pandemic.”

Where do the profits go?
To date, resilienSEED has raised around $1,500. Sabrina and Jessica explain that, “originally, we were focused on raising money for COVID-19 relief. We chose to donate to the Child Mind Institute’s COVID-19 response after Emma Davidson, a family member and Psychotherapist, spoke to us about the importance of mental health, especially during these uncertain times. After a month of launching resilienSEED, we realized that we could have a greater impact in our community. Now, we stay up-to-date on current events, and we’ve expanded to raising money and awareness for social justice (Campaign Zero), LBGTQ+ suicide prevention (The Trevor Project), and tuition for children affected by cancer (The Forever 49 Foundation).”

Designs and custom orders
Choose from 10 different designs with empowering words like “Strength”, “Love”, “Unite” and “Justice” spelled out in Morse Code.

The dynamic duo reveal, “We knew that we wanted each type of bracelet to represent something different, which is why we use seed beads. Each bracelet is beaded with two different colors of seed beads, which collectively spell out a word in Morse Code.”

resilienSEED also accepts custom orders for $10. We ordered a bracelet with our kids’ names spelled out in Morse Code.

Order yours at resilienseedbracelets.weebly.com/. Prices start at $6, inclusive of shipping.

—Erin Lem

Photos: resilienSEED



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