Phone? Check. ID? Yep. Cash? Not enough. Credit cards? Plenty. This OCD parent frisk is getting old, time to find a new solution. Keeping all your belongings together without your morning cup of joe, a screaming toddler on the run and a squeaky stroller on the loose is quite the feat. Staying sane is the goal of every busy parent, but easier said than done. Whether you want to keep your valuables hidden or show them off with style, we’ve found some ingenious inventions to help keep your valuables handy even when you need your hands free to catch that runaway kiddo or spilled sippy cup. Check out our top five picks to help hectic parents keep it together.

Not your Granny’s Fanny Pack

Move over fanny pack, the cooler cousin SPIbelt has arrived. This inconspicuous belt features a small, expandable pocket to hold anything. The flexible material will conform around your bulky key chain, phone, pacifier and more. It’s small enough to be worn under clothing or modern enough to be worn on the hip for easier access. The low-profile Spibelt is comfortable, stays in place, and fits any body shape.

SPIbelt, starts at $20

Designer Dud
Being a mom doesn’t mean you have to throw fashion out the window. Joy Gryson, a NYC designer who used to design accessories at Marc Jacobs, recently launched her own line of luxury goods under the label Olivia Harris, named after her daughter. We love her clever tech wallet, which can also hold a phone and comes with a handy wristlet option to wear on the go. You can easily throw it into the diaper bag, but it would also be adorable on a date night out. Whether you favor suede, leather, or shine you can find the color and material to satisfy your inner fashionista.

Olivia Harris Tech Wallet in Petrol, starts at $98

Free to be You and Me
Jupiter Freedom’s hands-free bag lets you do anything and go anywhere since you can wear it on your wrist, arm, ankle, waist or leg. We love the MeliPak, a larger bag that can fit everything from your passport to your kids’ favorite antibacterial foam – the big essentials for traveling. No need to worry about losing your purse when you can carry your lipstick, keys and credit cards on your body.

Jupiter Freedom MeliPak, $45

Lighten Your Load
With the Big Banjees wrist wallet by Sprig, your phone and wallet are always at your fingertips. This lightweight and stretchy wallet feels like a comfortable wristband but offers a hooded pocket and pouch to hold the necessities. We hear it’s great for running since you can even pop your earphones into your mobile device easily, but we bet you’ll get more action wearing it at the playground with the little ones.

Sprig Big Banjees Wrist Wallet, $17

iPhone Lovers’ Favorite
For you Apple addicts out there, we’ve got the smartphone case that looks great and is functional too. Speck is always on the cutting edge when it comes to sleek and thoughtful cases for your phone, tablet or laptop. The latest SmartFlex Card case is designed for the iPhone 5, but cases for older version phones exist too. Dad will love that three credit cards and cash can slip in and out of the case and you’ll love bright colors that’ll help you find your phone in the black hole better known as the diaper bag.

Speck SmartFlex Card for iPhone 5, $35

What’s your favorite hands-free helper or smart wallet these days?

— Sarah Choi