Jamie, the brains behind art & craft blog hands on : as we grow is a stay at home mom but keeping up with her two sons is a full time job. Jamie’s crafts and activities cater to just about everything kiddos need: educational development, fine motor skills, and just plain old fun. Jamie chatted with Red Tricycle about her favorite crafts, family activities, and shared her insights on how to be a happy, hands-on mom.

What is a recent craft or creative activity you’ve recently done with your child that you can share with other Red Tricycle parents?
We just did a really fun [and really pretty] flower art for spring! It seemed like a milestone for Henry because it was more of a process then other art projects we’ve done in the past. We used three art techniques that were super easy to do [and quite quick] which made each part of the process quite fun! The steps and outcome our listed on my blog post: Kids Art: Spring Flowers

What inspired you to begin blogging and what do you find most fulfilling about sharing your creative ideas?
I started blogging because I was inspired to be hands on with my kids. It was a new year’s resolution for me in 2011 and I decided to start by documenting them as a way to hold myself accountable for it. Blogging then just became a passion as much as being hands on with the kids. I really love the back scenes of blogging. I truly enjoy the collaboration with other bloggers and even just the geeky web design part of it. It’s all good fun!

What is your favorite pearl of wisdom for a frazzled new mom to find her happiness?
To relax and really just spend time with your kids. Try to really focus on them for a few minutes each day – take fifteen minutes – and ignore everything else and just play. It really puts a lot of things into perspective and lets you learn about your child. Plus, they’re happier for having spent quality time with you and will likely the let you get other things done!

Tell us what’s in your purse (or diaper bag).
Oh, so exciting! I just recently bought a new, big purse to replace my diaper bag. I love feeling a little fashionable now. What’s in it though? A couple diapers, wipes, my wallet, 2 small boxes of raisins, a baggy of animal crackers, and lots of receipts…

Describe a perfect Sunday with your family.
It would be a day trip somewhere as a family. I love outings together. We don’t do them nearly enough, so they’re always very special when we do. Even if it’s just to the park, I truly enjoy it.

Be sure to check out Jamie’s blog, hands on : as we grow!