photo: Hilda Solis via flickr

That little plastic toy inside McDonald’s Happy Meals has been making kids… well happy, for decades. You remember tearing open the cardboard box just to get to the baggie-covered plaything that was hidden under the depths of fries and chicken nuggets. And this fall, Mickey D’s beloved Happy Meal toys are getting a makeover. And here’s why:

September is National Literacy Month, and McDonald’s is celebrating by partnering with HarperCollins Publishers and offering four different books in their Happy Meals. That is, in lieu of toys.

The four books (your kiddo can get one in each Happy Meal) are Pete the Cat’s Got Class, If You Take a Mouse to School, Amelia Bedelia’s First Day of School and Just A School Project. Yeah, we got that it’s a school theme, too.

So when will you find these little literary gems alongside your child’s cheeseburger? McDonald’s will offer this special promotion September 5–18. And the 2017 promotion is set to distribute 20 million (yes, that’s million) books during that time.

Oh, but this isn’t exactly the fast food giant’s first time around the block when it comes to promoting literacy. McDonald’s has already distributed 54 million books to children, during their 2013-2016 promotions. And they’re partners with Reading is Fundamental (RIF), helping to bring books to families who might not otherwise be able to afford them.

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