Grab your tiny wizards and get ready to apparate to the new Harry Potter exhibit, because it’s about as magical as it gets. Read on for all the details about this one-of-a-kind Harry Potter fan experience.

After months of anticipation, Harry Potter fans can finally visit Harry Potter: A History of Magic at the New York Historical Society. The exhibit is a tribute to the real world magic behind the Harry Potter universe and features artifacts that influenced J.K. Rowling’s beloved saga. Items include rare books, manuscripts and historical items from the British Library’s collection, like a gigantic scroll describing how to create a Philosopher’s Stone and a broomstick belonging to a real 20th Century witch.

The exhibit, which has finally opened in the United States after debuting in London last year, also features original artwork and early drafts of the books from Rowling’s private collection. Laid out like Hogwarts castle, each room of the exhibit is dedicated to a different class of the magical school, like Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Potions and Care of Magical Creatures. Each room is filled with items specific to that subject. For a detailed run-down of the exhibit, check out our guide here.

Harry Potter: A History of Magic runs from now until Jan. 27, 2019, but if the popularity of the London exhibit is any indication you’ll want to score your tickets here ASAP.

Can’t make it to New York? You can still enjoy the magical history behind the Potterverse with a copy of Harry Potter: A Journey Through a History of Magic a book published just for the exhibit that features all of the artifacts on display.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Emily Meyers




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