Save your galleons because Harry Potter river cruises are coming to the River Thames this summer and you don’t want to be left behind like Harry on a Hogsmeade Village day. Barge Lady Cruises is offering two sailings of its Magna Carta barge in August and it’s everything we could ever want for our nerdy selves. What DOES this once-in-a-lifetime vacation offer?

For starters, guests will take part in various Harry Potter-themed activities and dine on their favorite Hogwarts cuisine (we’re really hoping Butterbeer makes the cut and that Hagrid’s rock cakes are conveniently left off the menu). Passengers will be treated to tons of sights and sounds that include a visit to the Warner Bros. Studio, Oxford’s Christ Church College (aka the Great Hall) and Virginia Water (where Harry meets with Buckbeak).

harry potter cruisePhoto: Barge Lady Cruises

A leisurely trip down the Thames and into the world of Potter won’t come cheap––prices start at $4,190 per person for the 7-day cruise and you are capped out at sharing the magic with only seven other friends. But at least you’ll be doing it in style––the Magna Carta boasts four staterooms, a gorgeous salon and dining room, hot tub and under-the-floor heating to keep you focused on perfecting your wand skills.

You can sign up for the cruise and find more info at Barge Lady Cruises.

Plan on setting sail on a Harry Potter cruise? Tell us in the comments below!

––Karly Wood



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