The World Cup isn’t the only global sporting event making waves this summer. The International Quidditch World Cup is pitting the best teams across the globe against each other to crown a World Champion and you can watch all the action on YouTube.

Based on the Harry Potter based game of Quidditch, the real world version is of course a little bit different since no flying broomsticks actually exist (despite how badly we wish they did). Each seven person team member does mount a non-flying broomstick while trying to score goals by getting the quaffle (a volleyball) through a hoop. And it wouldn’t be Quidditch without a snitch, which is represented by “a yellow-clad athlete who has a tennis ball in a custom-made velcro tail hanging from the back of their shorts, similar to flag football.”

Quidditch was established as a sport in 2005 rapidly growing to include over 400 teams around the world. The first Quidditch World Cup took place in 2016 and now the best teams are once again assembling for the second time in Florence, Italy. Between June 30 and July 1, 29 national teams will compete. The US team is currently favored to take home the cup, having lost the title to Australia in 2016.

Fans can check out all the action with the games live-streaming on YouTube. The Quidditch World Cup just kicked off with the opening ceremonies on June 27.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: International Quidditch Association via YouTube screenshot


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