The magical world of Harry Potter is about to become a reality —well a virtual reality, but we’ll take what we can get. The magicians behind the new Potter-themed Pokemon GO-style game have just released the first look with the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery mobile game trailer and it looks amazing.

The game allows fans to be totally immersed in the world of wizardry. From sitting beneath the Sorting Hat to making potions and casting spells, as the trailer shows, game players will experience everything that Harry Potter and the students of Hogwarts go through during their first year at school.

Players can create their own character that will be sorted into a specific Hogwarts house and be taught by the school’s famed professors. Besides learning to cast spells and dodge detention with Professor Snape, players will also follow clues to help unravel some mysteries during their term at school.

The new mobile game won’t be released until later this spring, but if you don’t want to waste a single second waiting, you can sign up to be notified when the game is released.

Will your family be playing the new game? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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