Calling all witches and wizards, there’s an epic Harry Potter feast coming this summer, and this pop-up restaurant is as close to dining in Great Hall as you can get.

For a limited time The Library, a private event club in London, will be hosting a Harry Potter-themed dining experience unlike any other. Guests are encouraged to come in costume, representing their Hogwarts house of choice. Upon arrival you’ll be greeted with a letter from Hogwarts made of rice paper and printed with squid ink so you can devour it before anyone learns your magical secrets. The seven-course meal includes Butterbeer, and dishes with names like Devil’s Snare and Honeydukes.

The downside is you’d have to pilot your enchanted flying car all the way to London for a taste, and as of this writing the event is already sold out. The pop-up is open on Friday and Saturday nights in August and September, but considering the popularity you never know when a wand might be waved to extend the event. Check out all the full details here.

What Harry Potter dish would you most like to try out in real life? Share your favorites in the comments.