3…2…1…Blast Off! It’s World Space Week (Oct. 4 -10) and Hasbro wants to bring fans on an exploration of outer space. Hasbro Gaming has launched their Space Capsule  including Monopoly Space, Battleship Outer Space and Trouble: On the Moon.

Battleship Outer Space Board Game (19.99)

The Battleship Outer Space 2-player board game presents a head-to-head battle on 3 layers. In this twist on classic Battleship gameplay, players search for the enemy’s fleet of spaceships and vaporize them one by one. Each player sets up their 5 spaceships anywhere on their 3 sectors. Opponents hunt them down by calling out the sector, and an entire row or column. Who can find and vaporize all of the opponent’s spaceships to win the game? Available exclusively at Target.

Trouble: On the Moon Edition Board Game (12.99)

In the Trouble: On the Moon Edition board game, players imagine being moon mission astronauts who need to race to safety. They need to move quickly using space tethers, and watch for low fuel, fresh oxygen, and a moving rover on the Action die. The first player to get to their airlock wins the game. Game features the iconic Pop-O-Matic dice roller. Available exclusively at Target.

Monopoly Space Board Game (19.99)

In the Monopoly Space board game. Players travel around the gameboard buying and selling planets, mining resources, and setting up their colony. For a player to start creating a colony, they have to collect 3 resources and then “burn” them by returning them to the Bank in exchange for a dome. Collect all 5 domes to get closer to the win…but watch out! Landing on an Action space can set you back or move you forward in an instant. Available exclusively at Target.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of Hasbro


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