Many of today’s parents find it difficult to keep up with the ever-changing fashion preferences of their teenage children. This is particularly true for outfits that you feel are too revealing or anything else that you are not comfortable with.The best way to deal with a teen’s fashion choices is to talk to him or her and set certain guidelines around your expectations. Having said that, it is also important to accept the fashion choices of a teenager and help them build a healthy and confident self-image.

Talk to Your Teen: 

  • Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit down with your teen and discuss her or his fashion choices. Make sure that your child is in a comfortable space throughout the discussion. To make this discussion casual and natural, you may bring up the issue when he or she is getting dressed for school or an occasion. 

  • Please make sure that your tone during this discussion is neither defensive nor accusatory. It should not appear that you are providing an ultimatum to the youngster about what he or she should and should not wear. Start the conversation casually so that your teen doesn’t feel cornered and defensive right away. 

  • The tone of the conversation should not create an impression that you are giving orders to your teen. Instead, simply advise them about what you think they should wear at this stage of their lives. 

  • Be well aware of the fact that your teen may not be open to your suggestions with regards to their fashion choices. In these circumstances, being too authoritative will only lead to more anger and arguments. Instead, have the mindset to compromise with the choices of your teen. In this way, you may still be able to put across some of your points. Moreover, this will make your teen feel respected. 

Set Guidelines: 

  • One of the best ways to do this is to start guiding the fashion choices of your teen from a very young age when he or she is just getting into the world of fashion. Help them get dressed and encourage them to wear certain types of clothing and other items so that they get accustomed to these st‌yles. 

  • Even if your teen doesn’t want to listen, clearly explain your idea about what you consider to be decent and inappropriate as fashion choices. However, make sure that your expectations are clear and consistent.

  • As a parent, you can always set an example for your teen to follow by always dressing in the most appropriate manner. Teach your child that it is possible to look attractive even without being too loud with fashion preferences. 

  • Another great way to set guidelines is to go shopping with your teen. Always provide your input, but try not to control what they buy or where they shop. However, when absolutely necessary, do not hesitate to put your foot down. 

Accept Their Choices: 

  • Accept the reality that your sense of st‌yle can be entirely different from that of your teen. Unless something is really wrong about a certain st‌yle, try to accept their clothing and fashion choices. 

  • Don’t be extremely strict and never force your teen to wear things that they are not comfortable with. After all, we don’t want our children to be stifled by our opinion and lose the ability to express themselves freely. 

  • In general, the fashion choices of the teens have a lot to do with their search for self-image and identity. As parents, we can always remind our teen that dressing in certain ways may be completely against the self-image they intend to build.  

In a nutshell, be it a prom dress or the latest fashion jewelry, it is unlikely that our preferences will be the same as today’s teens. It is true that we should guide them towards making the right choices, but care should be taken that we don’t hurt their self-esteem and sense of freedom.