Here’s something to celebrate: we’ve searched the web for birthday cakes that are as tasty as they are healthy and come up with a confection collection you’ll love. Gluten free? Check. Dye-free? Check. Vegan? You got it. You’ll even find options that sneak in veggie ingredients. (Did somebody say Spinach Cake?) Click through the slideshow below to get the party started.

Dye-Free Rainbow Cake

Want to give your kiddo a colorful cake but without all those iffy food dyes? Itsy Bitsy Foodies has come up with a way to do it thanks to veggie and fruit juice. The result? Totally wow-worthy and dye-free. Get the recipe here.

photo: Itsy Bitsy Foodies


What’s your favorite healthy cake? Share with us in the comment section below!

— Abigail Matsumoto