Getting ready for a day of play is like arming the troops for battle. After getting the kids into comfy gear, loading up on diapers and wipes and remembering the sunscreen, there’s always the nosh that needs to make it’s way into your bag. Instead of grabbing pre-packaged goods, try any of these super tasty, (not) out-of-the-box, snack ideas. Kid-tested and parent-approved, these homemade treats have a chance at replacing those pesky goldfish that always seem to find their way to the bottom of your bag!

Ants on a Log

You noshed on this classic many a days after school when you were her age. There’s something about Ants on a Log that makes everyone smile. It could be protein boost from the peanut butter or it could be the name---we’re not sure which. Looking to mix it up? Try cream cheese with apple, or hummus and bell pepper! Head over to Make the Best of Everything for more combos worth testing on tiny tongues.

Photo: Kristen Greazel via Make the Best of Everything

Do you have any easy-pack snacks you like to make? Let us know by commenting below.

— Susie Foresman & Gabby Cullen