photo: Metal Yoga Bones/ Facebook

Metallica and downward dog might seem like a strange match, but a new trend is pairing yoga with heavy metal for an unusual workout that helps you get fit and release some pent up emotions at the same time. The perfect healthy outlet for all that mom-stress.

New York City yoga instructor Saskia Thode is leading the heavy metal yoga revolution. This unique brand of deep stretching and strength training turns the typical calm and quiet yoga experience on its head. Instead of new age music in the background, yogis strike their poses to thrashing metal.

Besides the noise of the music, people taking the class are encouraged to grunt and growl out loud as they work through those deep breaths. The idea behind it is that vocalizing while you exercise will help release stress and anger. “Extreme music actually makes you calmer, not angrier,” says Thode, “It can help clear your head.” Now that’s something every mom could use from time to time, are we right?

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