Hello Bello Releases New Summer Diaper Designs

Hello Bello is known for their family friendly and affordable products. Now they have just launched an adorable new collection of summer diaper designs, introducing over 10 new summer prints. This latest collection features designs such as Li’l Floaters, Tiny Turdles and Blooming Booties. 

Hello Bello Summer

Hello Bello’s diapers are super soft, stretchy, snug and comfy. Stretchy side panels allow freedom of movement, while the diaper’s inner and outer layers are super soft, with a snug fit, for supreme comfort. Hello Bello’s diapers are made without lotion, fragrance, phthalates and latex making them hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and effective. Their cutting-edge, plant-derived absorbent core line is super absorbent to help protect against any leakage. 

Hello Bello Summer

Blooming Booties: A diaper garden ready for all your baby’s watering and soiling.

Goin’ Bananas: Extra absorbency for little monkeys, wild monkeys, dirty monkeys… all the monkeys.

Tiny Turdles: Turtle shells and Hello Bello diapers, the perfect 1-2 combo for total booty protection.

Monster Squad: If you think the monsters are scary, wait till you see what’s inside.

Tooty Tweets: Squawk, squawk. A little tropical delight to wrap up baby’s next surprise.

Snacktime: Pack up the picnic basket, load up the kiddos, we’ll handle the leak protection.

Pretty in Pink: It’s a dirty business, we’re just trying to make it a little prettier.

Li’l Floaters: The pool party is starting and your baby’s got the freshest wrappers around.

Colorful Summer: All the colors of summer in a soft, comfy wrapper.

Rainbow Sherbert: Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the diapers, the blowouts, the poo.

Hear Our Roars: When there’s a roar under those diapers, Hello Bello brings the protection.

You can find these new designs at Hello Bello or at your local Walmart.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of Hello Bello


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