The homework assignment sounded simple enough: Make and bring play dough for my daughter’s two-year-old preschool class. I chose purple, naturally, it being my Valentina’s favorite. In my teacher voice, I explained to Valentina and her neighborhood friend (over for a play date) how mixing red and blue make purple as I stirred the drops in. Sadly, due to expired food coloring …  (Wait, does it expire?)… What I can say is it’s a good thing Hasbro is bringing Play-Doh manufacturing back to the United States, because my mommy-made-in-America play dough looks like (mommy alert) poo!

And you might be surprised to hear me say this, but I kinda like it. There are a 1,000 mom blogs out there with the perfect play-dough recipe, the perfect play-dough pictures. But all that defeats the purpose of play dough!

For me and my little ones, it’s all about the mess, unintentional or not. And what’s better yet, when you mess up making play dough! I could blame the cute two-year-olds that helped me measure, but honestly, they’re just too cute. I could tell you the lighting in my kitchen cast a yellow spell on it (which is partly true). I could share my play-dough recipe, but you probably don’t want it.

Ok, truth be told, it was likely my poor color-mixing skills. The best (or worst) part is Valentina’s playdate and her class will now think their poopies are purple! How divine (as long as they don’t play with it)!

This mommy confession wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t repeat: Play dough is not just about the color, it’s about the good time you had making it and playing with it. And guess what, Valentina’s playmate happily went home with a bag of poo-colored play dough. We’re all smiles here. Now go ahead, make a mess.

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