photo: Aaron Fulkerson via Flickr

Oh, mamas: Don’t feel guilty if you can’t make it to the gym (like, ever). You’re working out plenty considering all the baby-lifting, toy-clearing and stroller-pushing you probably do in a day. Ever wonder how many calories you burn just doing that magical mom (or dad) thing? Here’s an idea:

Pushing a stroller (60 min): 158 calories.

Picking up toys/ cleaning the house (30 min): 78 calories

Dancing with your kids (20 min): 93 calories

Carrying a 15-pound baby (60 minutes): 217 calories

Walking up and down stairs (10 minutes): 83 calories

Cooking dinner (60 minutes): 124 calories

Playing an outdoor game with your kids, like handball: (15 minutes): 186 calories

Total for the day: 939 calories burned. (Take that, Zumba class!)

Note: Calorie counts are calculated using a 130-pound woman as a reference. If you weigh more, you’ll burn slightly more; if you weigh less, you’ll burn slightly less. 

Source: Mathews Calorie Counter

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