Let’s face it, life as a parent has one universal truth: you will never sleep (the same) again. From night feedings to night sniffles, a solid eight hours of rest is a rare thing. Here are six ways we imagine life would be different if we got enough sleep. We don’t actually know, though, because we haven’t slept in seven years. Still, we can dream, right?

1. Exercise

Fantasy: After eight hours of rest, you’re ready to take on the world. Perhaps, a marathon!

runner-888016_1920photo: skeeze via pixabay 

Reality: 5 hours of sleep and 4 cups of coffee. Let’s do this!

running-498257_1920photo: Ryan McGuire via pixabay

2. Vacation

Fantasy: A languid afternoon floating uninterrupted in tranquil waters.

summer-842140_1920photo: jill 111 via pixabay 

Reality: Just trying to get some zzzzs. Any zzzzs will do. Anywhere.

sleeping woman

3. Sleeping Through the Night

Fantasy: In her own bed until morning. Not kicking you!

child asleep in bedphoto: Alon Banks via flickr

Reality: Just gotta get through to morning. (Awwwww!) But also: kicking you.

baby child feet and parent mom feetphoto: niekverlaan via pixabay

4. Work

Fantasy: You are alert and productive, full of snappy ideas and witty retort. And you look amazing (i.e. your clothing doesn’t have stains and you brushed your hair). Because you are well-rested.

photo: digital marketing agency via pixabay

Reality: Just five minutes. Please.

photo: reynermedia via flickr

5. Dinner

Fantasy: Nutritious, balanced meals with a beautifully set table, candles and actual place settings. Because you are full of energy!

photo: Terri C via pixabay 

Reality: The bright side is, at least she’s cleaning up her own spill.

photo: mintchipdesigns via pixabay

6. Housework

Fantasy: You’ll tidy up here and there, and “stay on top” of the chaos. In other words, you will have a beautiful clean house.

photo: stevepb via pixabay

Reality: Oh, look what happened while you were napping (by napping we mean answering work emails, vacuuming the living room and making a snack). See, that’s why you can’t nap. 


—Amber Guetebier