Photo: .imelda via Flickr

If your weekend plans include a trip to Target for craft supplies, you might find yourself staring at an empty shelf. Thanks to the latest schoolyard craze, Elmer’s glue is suddenly a hotter commodity than Pokemon and nearly impossible to come by. Read on to find out where all that glue is going and why you might want to stock some up yourself.


photo: Kids Activities Blog via Pinterest

If you have a tween at home, chances are you already know all about the slime craze that’s sweeping the nation. Made in a rainbow of colors, this DIY concoction is like a slightly stickier, gooier version of silly putty. While slime is available already made, the coolest way to score some is by making it yourself, or having a friend make some for you. The customized slime can be made in a variety of colors with fun additions, like glitter or confetti. There are a different slime recipes floating around the internet, but most include borax, cornstarch, food coloring, and the main ingredient: school glue.

With almost 2 million Instagram posts featuring homemade slime this obsession isn’t losing steam anytime soon. According to the Wall Street Journal, craft glue sales had doubled by the end of last year, enough for Elmer’s to increase production. Until the stores are able to keep up with the demand, if you happen to stumble upon a cache of Elmer’s glue you might want to grab some just in case (you’ll need it for next year’s back to school list!).

Has the slime craze hit your household? Share your own oozy mixtures in the comments!