Mmm. Chocolate. That’s what you think every time you see a Hershey’s bar. Yeah, you’re standing in line at the grocery store. And those check-out lane candies are getting to you. Well, pretty soon there will be one more to tempt your sweet tooth. Yep, Hershey’s has a brand-new candy that they’re unveiling on December 1. Oh, and it’s not even chocolate!

Whoa. This is the first time that the iconic chocolatier is releasing a new candy bar in two decades. And it’s called Hershey’s Gold.

So what’s up with this new bar? To start with, it’s actually chocolate-free. The gold hue is made from a combo of peanuts and pretzels. In a Facebook post, Hershey’s described the bar as, “Creamy, crunchy, salty, sweet.” Now that’s a combination that we can all get into.

This new candy bar release is a major moment for Hershey’s. Way back in 1939, the company released their Special Dark chocolate bar. And in 1995, Hershey’s introduced us to their white chocolate Cookies n’ Crème bar. But then the chocolate giant went quiet. Nothing. That is, until now.

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