Does your oven work overtime during the holidays season? Sugar cookies are a staple of every holiday cookie swap and now this flavor is popping up in our favorite candies. Hershey’s just announced the new Sugar Cookie Kisses will be hitting store shelves just in time for the holiday season.

Sugar Cookie Kisses

The new melt-in-your-mouth Hershey’s Sugar Cookie Kisses candy embodies that soft, sweet taste that is delicately crafted into one delicious bite, with no baking required.

These festive Kisses are made with a sugar cookie flavored creme and sprinkled with red and green cookie pieces. These new Kisses are great for a sweet treat, sharing with those you love or topping off your favorite holiday blossoms recipe.

Hershey’s Sugar Cookie Kisses will start appearing on shelves nationwide this fall. This limited-edition flavor will come in 7.5 and 9 ounce bags.

Hot Cocoa Kisses

In addition to the new Sugar Cookie variety, Hershey’s is bringing back the Kisses Hot Cocoa flavor. These milk chocolate kisses are filled with marshmallow-flavored creme creating the experience of drinking a delicious cup of hot cocoa. These Kisses will be available nationwide in 10 and 8 ounce bags.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of Hershey’s


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