Not only is the Home Edition of the reality show fave coming back to the small screen in 2020, but HGTV is casting for Extreme Makeover right now. So if your abode is in serious need of a redo, read for the deets on how you could score a turn on the show.

When HGTV announced in January that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition would return for another season, fans rejoiced. And, if you need a new home, you could become part of the 10-episode lineup.

So what do you need to know about getting onto this HGTV show? To start with, the next season will go beyond current homeowners getting a well-deserved home renovation from the network. HGTV has plans to include renters and anyone interested in relocating.

To apply visit Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s website. The show is currently looking for families with uplifting or inspirational stories. According to the show’s site, applicants should have stories of strength/perseverance and give back to their community (even in the face of personal challenges). Extreme Makeover is also searching for applicants who don’t have the resources to fix existing home issues or those who aren’t already homeowners—but deserve a new house.

You can apply for yourself or someone else. All applications require photos of the family and of the current place where they live. Add to the application and include a two-minute video that tells your story—or that of another deserving family!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: lenovophotolibrary via Flickr



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