It’s T-minus four days and counting until Christmas, and there’s a good chance your mailbox has already been inundated with holiday cards. Some families go for the classic summer or fall family portrait while others go for more, um, “stylistic” approaches. Here are seven of the funniest family Christmas cards to make even the biggest humbug crack a smile.

A Very Cretaceous Christmas

According to reddit, this is what happens when "dad's in charge of the family Christmas card." Not going to lie, this is a pretty adorable and creative Christmas card—and I have a pretty good idea what everyone will be for Halloween next year, too.

A Very "Down Home" Christmas

Redditor CartoonAndrew (also known as hellvetika on Instagram) is a professional drag performer. He and his family have a tradition to do a completely off-the-wall Christmas card every year; according to reddit, they're in their seventh year of Christmas card mayhem. This lovely take on the annual portrait is from four years ago. But where on Earth did they find—much less obtain—a pig?

"Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal!"

There's sibling rivalry, and then there's this. Seems like this little Christmas elf took "away in a manger" a bit too literally on that whole "away" part.


I'll let redditor tamagothecat explain this lovely rendition of the Christmas story himself: "Me and my cat's Christmas card was deemed "sacrilegious" by a few people. What do you think?"

Yes. The correct answer here is yes.

All the Single Ladies

This viral Christmas card photo took Twitter by storm last month. Poor Emily. But really, aren't we all Emily at one point or another in our lives?

And Then There's This Very Special Single Lady

When you've been single your whole life, you have to get a little creative come Christmas-time, as this redditor did in 2016.

Mama Tried.

According to reddit, this was Christmas card photo this family went with in 2016*. Honestly, after the crazy rush of winter holidays, I feel like this is how every parent feels once the New Year finally rolls around. 

*As far as I can tell, no babies were harmed (for life) in the making of this holiday card.

Merry Christmas!

Do you have a funny holiday card you’ve come across this winter? Share your photos in the comments!

—Keiko Zoll