Remember TOTO’s quintessential ’80s song “Africa?” Well, the Holderness Family took this rad retro chart-topper and turned it into a genius YouTube video that parodies what parents go through just about every time they help their kids with homework. And if you’ve ever been in the algebra hot seat, you’ll totally appreciate this clip!

Okay so you sit down at the dining room table, pencil in hand, ready to help your child out with her homework. She’s what? In fifth grade? This should be a piece of cake. Simple, right?

And then she pulls out her text-book. You stare blankly at it before spending the next hour googling “how to do algebra” and “helping my child do their homework.” Next comes the hair pulling-out stage. And then you give up, or collapse in a pile of tears — whichever one comes first.

Come on, you have a college degree. Hey, you might even have a master’s or a doctoral degree. And now you can’t do your child’s homework. The Holderness Family hilariously pokes fun at the trials and tribulations that every parent goes through when they have to play the role of homework helper. And it’s seriously funny!

How old was your child when you stopped being able to help him or her with homework? Tell us in the comments below.