photo: Leaf Blower Kid via YouTube

The leaf blower doesn’t seem like a particularly powerful weapon, but that’s not what this otherwise normal-seeming little boy decided when he got a hold of the wind-whopping gardening tool and went totally nuts with power.

The YouTube video, which has already been viewed about a half a million times, shows the kid picking up his grandfather’s leaf blower and becoming instantly (and adorably) maniacal as he realizes that he suddenly has the power to, basically, blow people’s hair all over the place.

His sister toddles up, hoping for a turn, and he turns the blower against her and celebrates his victory with a villainous laugh that is pure Despicable Me. When he puts the leaf blower down to throw his arms up in triumph, his dad whisks the weapon away.

Sorry, Leaf Blower Kid. Try a hose next time.

Click below to see the video. Then, lock up your leaf blowers (or don’t, and get your cameras ready).

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