Man, that kid up there is tired. Get it? Tire-d? Okay, maybe we were a little out of it ourselves writing that joke. But there’s one thing you can’t deny: when a kid’s gotta sleep, a kid’s gotta sleep.

Guess this little dude is all pottied out. (Yes, we have a million puns.)

photo: Funniest Kids Sleeping Positions via YouTube

Sometimes you just don’t feel yourshelf…

photo: imgur

Aren’t shoes supposed to be in bed? (Our editor is going to kill us.)

No pun needed here. Traveling is exhausting. Talk about economy class!

photo: YouTube

“Get in bed?” I’ll show you. I’ll hover beside the bed!

photo: chinasmack

We guess he’s… heels over head.

Best. Dog. Ever.

photo: napshappen

How to know if your child is addicted to television.

photo: napshappen

You want the rest of those fries?

photo: Funniestuff via Youtube

And we can’t stand stepping on one block…

photo: dreadpirateciv

Strike a pose.

photo: napshappen

Must… finish… caaaake…

This DIY hammock is kind of genius.

photo: napshappen

This is the advanced yoga version of “child’s pose.”

photo: Смешные дети via YouTube

One of those “quick trips” to IKEA turned into a whole day? Same, kid. Same.

photo: napshappen

Have you caught your kids sleeping in silly places? Tell us where in the comments below!