The Holderness Family is known around the parenting sphere for their spot-on video parodies that feature some of the most common problems, issues and…umm, challenges that anyone with kiddos can completely relate to. Now they’re tackling the science fair project, with a laugh ‘til you cry parody of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.”

Let’s just start with the fact that dad, Penn Holderness, starts the video out by strumming the guitar while adding glue stick percussion and a packing tape roll beat. As if you weren’t already laughing, the Sheeran parody quickly moves into, “The rug isn’t the best place to use a Sharpie, so the table’s wear it goes.” Yep. That’s something we’ve all learned the hard way.

Then there’s that pesky tri-fold display. C’mon, you know you’ve wrestled with the poster board beast too.  As mom and dad Holderness look confused, frustrated and generally ready to give up, they sing, “I am covered in tape and glue, because the science project’s due. Been a month and you still aren’t through.” Again, yes we all know the feeling.

Oh and don’t forget the project-ending trip to school. Trying to transport the science project is never easy. And the “Tape and Glue” family fixes theirs in a way that only parents would think of — with Hello Kitty band-aids!

Has your child ever had a school science project disaster? Share your story in the comments below.

—Erica Loop