While the lights and cookies can make any event enchanting, sometimes holiday parties can be hit or miss for little kids. Keep meltdowns to a minimum with a handy scavenger hunt, perfect for hosting a crew of kiddos or keeping in your bag as a pleasant surprise. We’ve got three checklists for festive occasions—winter fun, Christmas and Hanukkah— and we’ve even included a printable version you can click and print. You just need the pencil! Scroll down to see the lists.

christmas kids

photo: jillblacktown via flickr

Hanukkah Party Hide & Seek 

This pleasant hide and seek game can lead to laughs and a little mingling, too. Click here to get your Hanukkah Hide & Seek printable, perfect for any night of Hannukkah!



Holiday Party Hunt 

Use this list as the perfect ice-breaker for kiddos getting to know each other or as a means to keep all the visiting cousins busy while you’re making dinner. Grown ups can get in on the fun, too. Click here to get your Ho Ho Holiday Hunt printable.

holiday hunt


Winter Themed Scavenger Hunt 

This one can last beyond the December holidays to use any time when winter doldrums set in. Use it as a perfect pick-me-for an afterschool adventure or bust it out on New Years Day. Click here to get your Wonderful Winter Scavenger Hunt printable. winter hunt



—Melissa Heckscher
photo: Ashley Webb via flickr