Have you been to Trader Joe’s lately? Get ready to indulge in plenty of peppermint and chocolate goodies as you gear up for the Christmas season! The grocery store has launched tons of returning and brand new product you won’t want to miss. Keep reading to see all the new holiday products at Trader Joe’s to add to your shopping list.


Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Joe Joe’s Bar

Your fave Joe Joe's treat just got a makeover! This year's new Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Joe Joe's Bar is made with 60% cacao dark chocolate, Candy Cane Joe Joe’s and is mixed with pieces of the cookie. Oh, then it's sprinkled with peppermint candy pieces! The fun looking candy bar is just $1.99 and only around during the holidays.

Festive Tortilla Chips

Move over fall festive chips, there's a new bag in town! This year's Festive Tortilla Chips are traditional, corn tortilla chips that come in seasonal shapes.You'll find an assortment of red stockings, green trees, and white bells made from beet and spinach powders. Each bag is only $2.99.

Trader Joe’s Non Dairy Mint & Chip Bon Bons

Now you can really lay on your couch and eat bon bons all day. These Chocolatey, minty, and creamy and dairy-free treats are made from a base of frozen coconut milk that’s flavored with mint, crunchy chocolate chips, then covered in chocolate. Enjoy a festive box for $4.29. layer of chocolate. 

Candy Cane Joe-Joe's Ice Cream

Grab a spoon and get your hands on this icy treat. Each carton of this delectable dessert is made with a swirl of peppermint and vanilla ice creams, a ribbon of chocolate fudge and chunks of Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s cookies. Pick up a container for just $2.99.

Jingle Jangle

This delightful tin has it all: mini pretzels covered in milk and dark chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate; dark chocolate-covered caramel popcorn; dark chocolate-covered broken Joe-Joe’s cookies; milk chocolate gems with a red candy coating; and milk & dark chocolate mini peanut butter cups. And all that, for just $10 a tin.

Peppermint Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix

Perfect for that last minute cookie exchange, this new mix is beyond tasty. It's made using a dark chocolate chunk cookie recipe as the base, white chocolate chunks and candy cane pieces for a super refreshing taste. A canister is only $3.99.

Sugar Plum Sparkling Beverage

This fizzy drink is made using carbonate water, plum juice and white grape juice concentrates. This 50/50 juice and sparkling water combo low in sugar, festive and basically tastes like the holidays. Snag a bottle for just $2.99.

Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies

Run, don't walk to TJ's bakery department! These cookies are made with two pieces of gingerbread surrounding a layer of sweet vanilla frosting that's made with butter and cream cheese, then topped with coarse sugar crystals. A box of 18 is just $4.99.

Cookie Mug Hangers

These adorable gingerbread people are so cute, you may not want to eat them! Designed to hang on the edge of a mug, these sweet and crunchy cinnamon-spiced cookies go great with all your fave holiday drinks. They're just $2.49 per box.

Decked Out Tree Cookies

These cookies have it all: chocolate crème-filled, creamy, white icing and red and white sprinkles––all coming together in a festive tree shape. They make a great cookie platter fixture or just enjoyed straight outta the box. Grab a package for $2.49!

Candy Cane Chocolate Covered Almonds

'Tis the season! These tasty roasted almonds are covered in dark chocolate, then dipped again in peppermint-flavored white chocolate, before being coated with delicious candy cane bits. The ultimate snack for the holidays and only $3.99.

photo: Karly Wood

Gingerbread House

The holidays equal gingerbread, and TJ's authentic German "Hexen Haus" is beyond adorable. Each kit comes with everything you need, including candy and cookie decorations in this uber fun-shaped box.

Find near the front of the store this holiday season.

photo: Karly Wood

Decorate Your Own Holiday Ornaments Cookie Kit

Perfect for a party or a chilly afternoon, Trader Joe's new Decorate Your Own Holiday Ornaments Cookie Kit is beyond fun. Each box comes with eight cookies and icing––everything you need to make some festive treats.

Find a box for $5.99 on specialty endcaps.

photo: Karly Wood

Trader Joe's Danish Butter Cookies

The traditional Danish Butter Cookies of your youth are here for the holidays! The made in Denmark sweets are made with 28 percent butter and real vanilla. 

Find near the other cookies, usually above the freezer section for $3.99.

photo: Karly Wood

Chocolate Peppermint Loaf & Baking Mix

Drop what you're doing and drop several of these boxes in your shopping cart. Trader Joe's festive Chocolate Peppermint Loaf & Baking Mix is the taste of the holidays! Whip into a loaf or make some tasty Peppermint S'mores Cake, just make sure you enjoy plenty of this before it's gone for the year.

Grab this baking mix for $2.99 in the baking aisle.

photo: Karly Wood

Egg Nog Liqueur

Tis the season for festive liqueurs! If you're heading off to a holiday shindig, head to the liquor aisle and pick up a bottle of Egg Nog Liqueur. Made with real cream, spiced rum and french brandy, these Christmas-y treat is perfect for that upcoming party.

Find near the wine for $7.99.

Advent Calendars

Run, don't walk to your nearest Trader Joe's because the advent calendars are back! These $.99 chocolate calendars can't be beaten, and come in several designs. These sell out before Thanksgiving, so don't wait to get yours.

Candy Cane Joe Joe's

One of Trader Joe's best selling holiday products is finally back! Candy Cane Joe Joe's are a seasonal (and better) take on the year-round cookie, that we can't help eating by the row. Dip in milk or enjoy crushed over ice cream––there's no wrong way to enjoy these treats! You can find them next to the other pre-packaged cookies.

Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Joe Joe's

Candy cane Joe Joe's older, prettier sister is these amazing Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint version. They're pretty much guaranteed to put a little extra on your waistline, but these decadent desserts are well worth it.  The more bitter dark chocolate pairs perfectly with the creamy filling that is all topped with crushed candy canes.

Taste Test of Caramels

Dark chocolate and caramel are paired with some interesting ingredients, like toffee apple, vanilla, maple and more in this Taste Test of Caramels product. This would be the perfect hostess gift!

Astounding Multi-Flavor Joe Joe's

Hello, guilty pleasure! This astounding pack of outrageously covered Joe Joe's is beyond decadent. Four different versions await in this fun, circus-themed package with a variety of sprinkles, crumbles and different chocolates.

Dark Chocolate Orange

This festive dark chocolate orange comes with 20 pull apart segments with creamy orange filling. This is a special seasonal item that just feels right around the holidays. It's usually above the freezers along with other holiday treats.

Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Cremes

This holiday favorite is made even better by the addition of dark chocolate and crushed candy canes. Soft, creamy and minty centers pair so well with their dark chocolate counterparts. It's like a bite of Christmas!

Chocolate Liqueur Cherries

If there's ever a dark chocolate covered cherry season, it's Christmas! This liqueur version is definitely for adults only (it has an alcohol content of up to 4.4%) and would be perfect for an at-home date night this holiday.


Enjoy German treats when you pick up a box of traditional Pfeffernüsse this holiday. The spiced cookies are covered in powdered sugar and pair well with tea and coffee. You can find them near the other holiday cookies.

Dark Chocolate Minty Mallows

Can you ever have enough peppermint during this time of year? Trader Joe's doesn't think so! Another popular product is these delightful Dark Chocolate Minty Mallows. They're made using peppermint marshmallows and then covered in dark chocolate for the ultimate light and fluffy treat.

Sugar Glazed Lebkuchen

Trader Joe's Lebkuchen cookies are made in Nuremberg, Germany! The light, sugar glazed cookies are a German favorite and are perfect for the holidays. Check out the bakery section to snag a package of these!

Mini Gingerbread Men

Enjoy some gingerbread, without wasting time on a house you'll never eat. These adorable mini Gingerbread Men have a white fudge icing and fit in the palm of your hand. They are found near the other holiday treats.

Dark Chocolate Stars

Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered shortbread cookies are to die for! The perfectly-sized stars are doused in rich chocolate and topped with sprinkles. These are thoroughly enjoyed with a cup of coffee––just sayin'.

Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars

Mint chocolate shortbread cookies are coated with dark chocolate in this treat. These differ from their sister cookie in that they're smaller, and made with mint-infused shortbread. We say, why not have one of each?

Spotted in 2019:

Organic Frosted Hot Cocoa Toaster Pastries

Wake up and warm up with TJ's seasonal toaster pastries in Hot Cocoa flavor. The 8-pack of breakfast treats is organic, so you don't have to feel as guilty, and is just $2.99 in the breakfast section.

Hot Cocoa O's

If cereal is more your thing, then you won't be able to get enough of this festive box of Trader O's. A box is just $1.99 and has all the chocolatey goodness you love, with that warm holiday flavor.

photo: Karly Wood

Ginger Snowball Cookies

Trader Joe's always turns an average food into something fancy and these Ginger Snowball Cookies are no exception. The buttery cookies incorporate ginger before being rolled in powdered sugar.

You can find a box for just $3.99 on endcaps and in the baking aisle.

photo: Karly Wood

Trader Joe's Twinkling Trees

Bright and festive, these pre-made cookies with cheery sprinkles are the perfect pairing for a last-minute class party! The sugar-coated sugar cookies also pair amazingly well with a tasty cup of coffee!

Find in the bakery section this season.

Coffee Cup Celebration

Give the gift of coffee this holiday! This Coffee Cup Celebration assortment comes with five different varieties of single serve cups. Wake up and pick between flavors like wintry blend, chocolate mint and caramel, and enjoy with a cookie or two.

Peppermint Pretzel Slims

These one-of-a-kind pretzels will become a mainstay this holiday! TJ's pretzel slims are doused with a creamy coating and then topped with peppermint sprinkles for that perfectly salty and sweet combo. These treats are found in the snack section, usually above the frozen goods.


Maple Pecan Cookie & Baking Mix

Bread or cookies, Trader Joe's Maple Pecan Cookie & Baking Mix fits the bill. The warm maple flavor is complemented with chunky piece of pecan that bake well into chewy cookies or a moist loaf.

This seasonal fave is only around for a short time and you can find in the baking aisle for $3.49.

Turkey Kit

The holidays aren't just about Christmas! This adorable gingerbread turkey kit hit Trader Joe's just in time for Thanksgiving. It comes with all the cookie, candy and icing pieces you need to make the cutest turkey ever. You can find it on specialty end caps for $6.99.

Turkey Stuffing and Seasoned Kettle Chips

While the name of this product sounds a little crazy, rest assured these kettle chips are finger-licking good! Salty and savory, these chips bring on a surprising taste that will have you emptying the bag in one sitting. They are more than worth the inexpensive price tag of $1.99 to give this savory snack a try!

A Flock of Milk Chocolate Turkeys

Forget waiting to get your chocolate-shaped fix until Easter, feast on these smooth and creamy milk chocolate turkeys instead! Set on the mantle, gives as a hostess gift or just enjoy on your own––these festive friends are limited in quantities.

Find on specialty end caps for just $3.99.


––Karly Wood

All Photos: Karly Wood for Red Tricycle/Feature Photo: Karen Ahmed via Instagram



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