They say it’s the little things that count. And, after a peek at our carefully curated collection of little holiday gifts and stocking stuffers, we think you’ll agree. From the hottest tiny toys to creative things you might not have thought about wrapping up, the things below will give Santa’s helpers (ahem, you) some serious street cred. Scroll down to see them all.

Smashy Mashy

They’re soft, they’re squishy, they come with decoder rings and a word search! Sounds like sweet stocking stuffers to us.

Available at, $9.97.


Plus-Plus Mini Maker Tubes

There are 70 blocks in a single Plus-Plus tube! The included plans show your kid how to build a certain animal: including the new sloth, and llama and others like a unicorn, a sea turtle, or a T-rex, or she can use her imagination and build something totally unique.

Available at, $6.99.

photo: Big Potato

Cinco Linko

This portable little game clips easily to a backpack or purse, making it a great game for on-the-go entertainment. The rules are simple: lay out your tiles to get 5 in a row (corners must touch). But winning? It’s trickier than you think!

Ages: 4 & up 

Available here ($14.99) and at Walmart in-stores for $9.99.

Monster Erasers

These friendly creatures will make homework fun! The coolest part? You can mix and match both the arms and jaws on these erasers.

Available at, $2.99 for a set of three.

Star Wars Kinder Joy Eggs

Add a sweet treat to their stocking that doubles as a toy surprise! We are loving the Star Wars Kinder Joy eggs (they've also got Disney Princess eggs, too!).

Available nationwide at retailers including  Target. Retails for $1.39

Dinomite Tattoos

You’re going to want to order your own set of these bright and vivid temporary tattoos from Daydream Society. Offered in all sorts of styles, you can pick the one your kid would love best: dinomite, into the wild, under the sea and much more.

Available at, $2.50 for two.

Pop Teenies

Give your traditional Christmas cracker a modern makeover with a party pop teenie. One of the newest reveal collectibles on the market, there’s a doll and her pet hiding in every set of poppers.

Available at, $9.99.

Pocket Frisbee

These new pocket frisbees from Wham-O are a perfect stuffer. It’ll get your kids excited for outdoor play, and it’s small enough to stash in a pocket on the way to the park.

Available at, $10.99 for three.

Harry Potter Minifig Blind Bag

Harry Potter is as popular as ever, and LEGO has just released their lastest blind bag series, which includes characters from the original series and the new Fantastic Beasts, so from Harry to Newt, your wizarding world fan has a chance to collect all her favorites. 

Available at, $3.99. 

Monkey May I?

This new and fun game is also a tool to help kids be empowered. Simple to learn, and easy to set up, kids will learn how to make good choices, and there are two levels of play, so you never get bored. For ages 4-6.

Available at, $5.99.

Detective In a Tin

Everything your jr. sleuth needs to solve the mystery! A notebook for writing down clues, fingerprint ink and paper, and even tape for preserving the crime scene, this sweet set encourages imagination, and it’s all tucked away in an easy on-the-go tin too.

Available at, $11.95.

Star Wars Finger Puppets

May the holiday season be with you. These adorable Star Wars finger puppets will keep the kids busy while you drag yourself out of bed and make coffee (what time is it?). There are 20 different puppets to choose from or buy the whole set for $50.

Available at, $3 each.

Pals Socks

We love these adorable mismatched socks, and the brand-new pals include Gorilla/Lizard or Racoon/Cardinal—they've arrived just in time for the holidays!

Available at, $9.

Fizzy Magic Bath Bombs

These fizzy bath bombs are made without harsh chemicals: no sodium lauryl sulfate, no phthalate, no formaldehyde, and no synthetic fragrance. The magic scent comes from essential oils, and there’s a surprise toy inside each one!

Available at, $6 each (5 in a set).

This beautifully illustrated game will help kids tell their ash from their sassafras. A splurge for the stocking, but perfect for your older kid who is into quality, not quantity.

Available at, $16.99.



Silly Puddy Buddeez

Silly Putty is an old reliable travel toy, but Crayola found a way to up the fun factor. Silly Putty Buddeez come with mini molds that create teeny tiny finger puppets—a monkey, cupcake, heart-eyed emoji, or fierce T-rex. Kids can make the puppet, then smash up that putty, roll it, and start all over again.

Available at, $2.97.

Guava Toys Breakfast Slime

Slime for breakfast, anyone? With this new two-pack of slime from YouTube sensation Guava Toys, your kids can get their slime fix with pancakes and maple syrup on the side.

Available at, $4.99

StikBot Monsters

The latest release from the popular StikBot line is the monster bots. Add to your kid's collection of bots for hours of entertainment. 

Available at, $5.50 

Thomas the Train Blind Bag

All aboard for the island of Sodor! These blind bags are perfect for the Thomas-loving tyke in your home. New thems for 2018 include Fruit, Monkey, Back to School, Camouflage, Neon Splatter, Fantasy and Pop Art. 

Available at, $9.50 for a set of 4. 

Metallic Tangle Jr.

You'd be thrilled if you never saw another fidget spinner in your life, but your kid still needs something to help him focus. Why not drop a tangle designed in a shiny fun new style in his stocking? It can be a puzzle, a brain tool, a de-stressor, or even a movable sculpture!

Available at, $14.90 for a set of 3.

Smooshy Mushy Besties 3-in-1

Get three fun little goodies for one good price! These new 3-in-1 surprise boxes from Smooshy Mushy contain a bracelet with teeny, tiny smushy charm, candy and a collector's card.

Find them in the aisle before checkout at Walmart. $1.98. 

Candy Cane Treats from Smashmallow

Finally, as a sweet topper to their stockings, throw in a bag of Smashmallow's brand-new candy cane flavored treats. Free of the top eight allergens and made with natural ingredients, these are perfect for that post-present-frenzy hot chocolate!

Available at, $3.79.  

—Gabby Cullen

Editor’s Note: At the time of publication, all items were available for purchase.

All images courtesy retailers. 



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