It might not be the same experience as a theater, but when it comes to watching movies with kids, nothing quite beats the comfort of your own living room, where you can eat your own snacks and pause a dozen times when your tyke needs to go to the bathroom. Hollywood is making it easier to enjoy new releases without ever having to leave the house. Pop some popcorn and keep reading for all the glorious details.

According to Variety, Hollywood studios are in negotiations to begin releasing new feature films online just 45 days after they open in the theaters. The previous time frame for online releases was nearly double that amount of time. Just a month and a half after theatrical release means movies and the full-blown marketing (aka round the clock commercials and Happy Meal tie-ins) will still be brand new so you can avoid the theater without making your kids feel like they’ve missed out.

The idea is still being negotiated and details, like price, are still being worked out, with rental fees costing anywhere from $30 to $50. In the age of Netflix and streaming, it’s only a matter of time before on-demand movie watching becomes the standard.

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