Heads up—or rather, watch out behind you—if you drive a Honda Accord or Insight: a rearview camera display issue is at fault for a recall of more than 200,000 Honda cars. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a total of 232,140 2018 Honda Accords and 2019 Honda Insights are part of the U.S. recall. Honda was unavailable for comment, but did issue this statement regarding the recall at its website.

While there have been no reported injuries or crashes as a result of the rearview camera, the back-up camera may not function properly. The result of a software malfunction, the camera reportedly does not comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard for “Rearview Mirrors.”

Photo: Courtesy of Honda

Recall Description: 2018 Honda Accord & 2019 Honda Insight

The current voluntary recall includes model year 2018 Honda Accord vehicles and model year 2019 Honda Insight vehicles only. Again, this specific recall is due to malfunctioning computer software that controls the back-up camera.

Why the Cars Were Recalled

The programming issue that is affecting the back-up camera can cause the center screen (where you would see the image of what you’re backing up into) to fail. Drivers may not see an image as they back-up. Restarting the car may not work to correct the issue. The malfunctioning back-up camera increases the risk of a crash while going in reverse.

How to Tell If Your Honda Is Part of the Recall

If you have a 2018 Honda Accord or 2019 Honda Insight, contact your authorized Honda dealer for more information. According to Honda’s website, the company will mail notification letters to owners of recalled vehicles in early-November. You do not need to wait until you receive a letter to bring your car in to the dealer. The sooner you correct this problem the better.

What Parents Can Do

Again, if there is any possibility that your Honda is part of the recall, bring it to the dealer ASAP. You can also visit Honda’s website at www.recalls.honda.com or call the manufacturer at 888-234-2138.

—Erica Loop



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