Hopster, the learning app for preschoolers, recently announced the debut of a new digital playroom geared toward helping kiddos develop essential sensory processing skills. Available now, Sense is arriving on the app in time for World Autism Awareness Day, April 2. Read on for the details. 

What It Is
Hopster is an award-winning children’s app geared toward kids ages 2-6. It’s totally ad-free and packed with learning features including games, songs and shows. Now, as part of the app, kids can visit Sense—an area designed specifically to help kids learn fine motor skills and schematic play with sensory relief in mind. Sense is great for any child and perfectly suited for the sensory needs of autistic children.

Sense has 9 different screens, made up of different sounds, music, colors, textures and lights. Rather than quick or flashing changes, there are calm gradual shifts between color, light and movement. The animated features are also calm and the music is relaxing. And it feature two color palettes: bright and colorful or pastel, so it facilitates a wider audience and moods.

Even More
Hopster will also tie in the release of Sense with the introduction of a special themed area that celebrates diversity and special needs. The shows including Punky—an animated show about a little girl with Down Syndrome; The Adventures of Zee which highlights Arabic culture and Signed Stories—a collection of classic fairy tales that narrates with ASL (American Sign Language).

How to Get It
Sense is available to all Hopster users from the “Diversity” section (look for the colorful wheel with a play button in the center). If you already have the app, you can look for Sense now. Get the app through Google Play or iTunes. You can try the app for free, it is $4.99 a month after free trial. 

Do your kids play with Hopster? Will you check out Sense?

—Amber Guetebier

images courtesy Hopster