You’ve heard of a bake sale. But what’s a BARKE sale? This fabulously fun idea comes to you courtesy of the Canines-N-Kids Foundation. And we’ve got the scoop on this creative, and educational, fundraising program.

Canines-N-Kids Foundation is a nonprofit that wants to help end both childhood and canine cancer. So you really can’t find a better cause then that, right?

Enter National BARKE Sale month. Even though your kiddo can throw a BARKE Sale any time of the year, May is a special month to celebrate the cause. Think of the BARKE Sale as your traditional PTA bake sale, but with a furry friend twist. Instead of just selling treats for people, this sale also includes goodies for our four-legged BFFs too.

Ulrike Szalay, executive director and founder of Canines-N-Kids said, of the BARKE Sale, “Through this fun and educational program, we are empowering kids to help other kids and their pet friends beat cancer.” Szalay also added, “We want kids and communities to organize BARKE SALEs throughout May and beyond to help raise needed research funds as well as awareness about how dogs and children share many of the same cancers.”

How can your child organize or participate in a BARKE Sale? Visit the Canines-N-Kids website here for more information on getting your free kit. Each kit includes flyers, postcards and step-by-step sale instructions!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Free-Photos via Pixabay



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