It’s one of the great debates of our lifetime: Is a hot dog a sandwich? For National Hot Dog Day, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council resolved to find out. Read on to find the answer to this burning question!

The survey says…no, a hot dog is not a sandwich. That’s according to 57% of respondents in a national poll. A little closer than we thought, frankly. Americans do have very strong opinions on how hot dogs should be consumed, though. 90 percent think hot dogs should be eaten by hand and 87% specifically said hot dogs should be eaten off paper plates.

Surprisingly, the survey didn’t mention a question on condiments. But 62% of respondents said that franks taste best at baseball games. And one third of Americans said that New York takes the title as hot dog capital of the U.S.

However you eat your hot dog, today’s the perfect day to polish one off (and we’re sure your kids would agree). If you decide to eat in today, how about choosing from 31 hot dog recipes?

—Sarah Shebek

Featured photo: Peter Secan / Unsplash



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