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Katie L. (name changed to respect privacy), a Red Tricycle reader from Los Angeles, writes: “It may be my sleep deprivation (my five month old isn’t sleeping through the night yet), but I’m beginning to think my husband of 4 years is having an affair. He’s been “working late” three nights a week and has been acting distant ever since the baby arrived. I’m totally freaking out and I have no idea what to do. This is the time I need him most and he is never around. Should I confront him, check his emails (I know his password) or try couple counseling? Help me!”

Some of us at Red Tricycle think Katie should confront him, while others of us think she should do a little more digging to gather some facts. So, we’re leaving it up to our readers — what should Katie do? Have you experienced a similar situation with your spouse? Help a (sleep-deprived) mama out!