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The holidays usually mean an influx of out-of-town relatives packed into close quarters, which can exacerbate familial tension. Jackie S (name changed to respect privacy) from San Francisco recently wrote to Red Tricycle asking for feedback from our community, “My husband’s mother, let’s call her Susan, is an amazing grandmother. She is attentive and kind and showers our two daughters with love. While she is great with the girls, Susan tends to be overbearing with me, pointing out my parenting flaws and criticizing everything from my driving to the type of laundry detergent I use. I usually bite my tongue because we only see Susan twice a year, but I’m not sure if I can continue to stay silent any longer, especially knowing she’ll be staying in my house for two weeks. I don’t want to rock the boat because Susan is such a good grandmother. My husband just shrugs and thinks I’m being too sensitive — Am I? Has anyone else felt the same about their mother-in-law?”

So Red Tricycle readers, we’re leaving it up to you to help Jackie out. If she decides to kindly confront her mother-in-law, how should she do it? Or, do you think she should just grin and bear it?