woman drinking wine                                                    

This week Red Tricycle reader Laura T (name changed to protect privacy) from Portland writes, “Isn’t there some universal understanding that pregnant women shouldn’t drink?! Last week I was out to dinner with my husband and at the next table a visibly pregnant woman (my guess she was at least six months along) was drinking a large glass of red wine. I was totally appalled and disgusted that she was putting her baby in danger. Now I regret not confronting the pregnant diner. Am I out of line? My husband says to each their own (he also hates scenes), but I think women shouldn’t be having kids if they’re that irresponsible!” 

While some of us at Red Tricycle are with Laura and are appalled that one would drink while pregnant, others of us agree with Laura’s husband and think to each his/her own. Should Laura have confronted the diner? Have you ever seen a pregnant woman drinking and what was your reaction? Or, did you yourself indulge in a glass of wine while pregnant and did you feel stigmatized for doing so?