It doesn’t have to make the Guinness Book of World Records to become a household milestone. By creating a little (very friendly) competition you’ll get laughs and family time all at once. Read on for ideas to get you inspired to make your own family almanac of accomplishments.
family card game

photo: Louis Chan via flickr


Who can do the following for the longest period of time?

Stand on one leg.

Hop up and down (on one foot or two). 

Make one, continuous humming sound.

Staring contest.

Go without laughing (this one is harder than you think).


Who can beat the household record for speedy tasks like:

Front yard dash.

Hallway skip.

Bed making.

Saying these tongue twisters.


Who’s got the most sway when it comes to these?

Tallest in height.

Building the tallest block tower.

Making the most epic pillow stack.


Who can heap more on the pile when it comes to:

Reading books.

Getting ready for bed without a fuss.

Wining Crazy 8s or another favorite game.

Most outrageous LEGO creation.

Doing somersaults.

Even More

Who is the silliest person in your house?

Who is the youngest?

Who is the oldest?

Who makes the best pancakes?

Does the best cat impression? Dog?

What silly, funny or fast records did you try to break in your household? Let us know in the comments!

—Amber Guetebier