Every parent knows that a child will gladly play with the cardboard box that her toy came in for eons longer than she actually plays with the toy. Well, the same can be said for babies — especially one baby who was gleefully entertained by none other than a floor lamp. What? A lamp? Yes, your read that right. A lamp. Take a look at how one adorable 5-month-old boy got a total kick out of an everyday object.

When dad Chris Gillespie pretended to blow out a floor lamp he didn’t realize that the video clip of it would go viral. But it did. Of course it did. Who doesn’t want to watch the oh-so-sweet adorableness?

As Gillespie turns the lamp off when he blows on it, his giggling baby goes nuts over it. The dad keeps on going, blowing out the lamp magically over and over again — much to the delight of his baby. At one point he tries turning the floor lamp off and on without blowing on it. Nothing. Nope, his baby isn’t fooled by that.

When he goes back to blowing out the light, the 5-month-old goes wild with laughter again. Awwww! If only adults found something so simple so very entertaining!

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