Not feeling so lovey-dovey this year? Not planning a romantic getaway to celebrate Valentine’s day? If the situation between you and your spouse has gone sour, listen up! You can grow a garden to save this marriage.

You reap what you sow, I was always taught. If you neglect to tend your garden, don’t expect much out of it. The same can be said of the marriage relationship. Everyone knows a garden (and a relationship) takes time and work, but the fresh food grown there can lead to a healthier body and lifest‌yle. I dare say gardening can save a marriage.

I know, it’s February and a little cold to start right now, but begin the conversation today. Here are three sure ways to grow that love back:

Time Spent, Not Wasted

I am as pressed for time as the next person, but the time I have is well-spent. Each day for three seasons, even if we’re not planning on really doing any planting or weeding, my husband and I walk through each of our gardens (we have three) to check for progress or problems. This gives us a chance to talk about our day, our upcoming plans, the kids and anything else. It’s a few minutes we have each other’s ear each day, unless the kids tag along, which makes for nice family time. If he or she is flexible, schedule the sitter to come early or stay a few minutes late if needed. Even on busy or rainy days, we take this time before he leaves for work in the morning. I recommend the morning walk, as it sets the tone for the day.

Family Meals, TOGETHER

I’ve never been a great cook (baking is my forte), but we do enjoy our evening meals together as a family. It does take a while to see results when you’re growing vegetables (or trust), but once my garden starts producing, we have so much fresh, delicious produce that we have to cook at home. I mean we are forced to cook at home or throw out food every day. I cannot stand waste, so we eat what we grow. Each year, our choice of crops adjusts with our tastes. With home-grown, home-made meals on the table, my husband is hard-pressed to stop at the local pub for a burger before coming home. We save money and the kids have Daddy home before bed, so it’s win-win for everyone!

Better Health

Obviously eating better food results in better overall health. When all I leave is chips and cookies, what do I expect the my husband to grab for a snack? The process of growing a garden leads to better physical and mental health. As long as I don’t let the stress of the encroaching weeds get to me, my time in the garden is therapeutic, whether alone or with my husband and kids. I am eating more whole and healthy foods, resulting in a healthier body to enjoy for years to come. I am taking time alone and with my spouse to engage in and enjoy the time I have been given. In fact, we’ve both lost weight and our relationship is better than it has been in years. I feel better knowing my family is eating well and we are spending our time together. What more could I want?

We all deserve to be in a healthy and loving relationship with someone who treats us with care and respect. Our spouse and family deserve the same in return. Growing your own good, fresh food is great for body, mind and soul. Grow a garden with someone you love and watch the relationship bloom (pun intended)! Seriously, get growing together.

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