photo: Jono and Ben via Facebook

Unless you’ve been living under rock, you’ve probably seen the BBC interview heard around the world by now. While Robert Kelly handled his kids crashing in as professionally as possible, the makers of this hilarious parody video think a mom would have handled the situation just a little bit differently. Check out the video below to see a mom’s take on working from home.

In the parody video made by the comedy duo from New Zealand, Jono and Ben, the stage is set for the now-familiar home office feed, but this time a mom is sitting in the interview seat and she handles the entire ordeal like a boss. Because that’s how multi-tasking moms do.

What makes the video funnier than the original (who knew that was even possible?!) is that, although it’s a parody, it’s really not that far from reality. Even the ticking time bomb is pretty realistic when you consider how many minefields moms have to navigate with a toddler (or a teenager) in the house. All in a day’s work for a mom.