Becoming a mom is such a joy, You have a new baby and a husband. Your family in your mind is perfect. You become so focused on family life, the ins and outs of breakfast time , school drop-off, parent-teacher conferences, extracurriculars and everything else in between. You tend to forget the most important factor. You forget yourself. As a mom we lose our social status, we lose our childless, single friends and become engulfed In our family life. Do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that until its time to make “MOM FRIENDS.” We lose our sense of socialization. I know personally for me, as fulfilled as I was in my family life, I was missing and needing the camaraderie of having a group of friends. I felt like I had to start all over and so I did.

In today’s day and age, social media is a link to the world. So I started there. On Facebook I searched Mommy groups and discovered several, so I signed up for two local ones. Let’s just say one group was very cliquish, they wanted to see pictures of my children to prove I was a mom.Which in turn made me leery about the second group. The second group was more inviting from the moment my request was accepted. I received an email from one of the founders and she explained how the group worked. It basically was a group for moms who wanted to meet other moms to befriend. I was all in.

The first meetup was a walk and picnic at a local park, I was a nervous wreck. Like i said, I was starting all over so first impressions are everything right. I put on my nicest casual outfit, made sure my son was in his best name brand outfit and let’s not forget the picnic lunch. I packed a lunch like i have never before, organic fruit snacks, organic juice boxes, fresh fruit, water, chicken salad in a wrap. I mean i wanted to be the perfect mom, for my new mom friends. So on arrival, I was introduced to everyone. They were super friendly and looked so put together. We walked around the park and i stayed in the cut, I an observer so i watched how everyone interacted with one another, how the kids played with one another. I was ok with it so far. Picnic time came, everyone laid out there blankets and pulled out there picnic lunches. That’s when it happened. The ladies started talking about everything, their husbands, parenting, life, dreams, goals, issues and day to day stuff. I was amazed, they were normal everyday moms like me, so it was easy for me to jump on in the conversation. Needless to say, I met with these moms every Thursday for months, during the Spring, summer and fall. We had coffee dates, we planned activities with the kids and I realizedIi had friends.

Some of the moms I met originally were not as down to earth and real, so they slowly eased out of the Mom Group. However the moms I have met and have built friendships with I am grateful for. These ladies are each amazing women, wives, mothers and friends to me and to each other . We help build each other up.

We support one another on whatever endeavor we are attempting at the time from hosting a baby shower for a third-time mom to supporting another’s blogging career goals. These are women who have shown me that being a mom doesn’t mean you lose your social status, your status just becomes higher because you have a better group of friends around .