photo: Cat & Nat

The similarities between getting decked out in a micro mini to dance the night away and changing dirty diapers while getting covered in spit-up, might not be obvious . . . but according to a hilarious video, the two couldn’t be more similar. Check out the video below to find out how a night of clubbing helps prep you for motherhood.

#MomTruth stars Cat & Nat break down all the similarities between clubbing and parenting. Sleep for one thing is eerily similar. “You wake up in the morning feeling like you haven’t slept all night long. You actually haven’t slept all night, and there may or may not be someone in your bed, and you’re not sure how they got there or when they got there.”

Their advice to young people still spending their evenings dancing and drinking? “Keep doing it! Do it every night! Do it all the time! You’ll be ready to have a baby if you just keep clubbing.”

Do you miss your clubbing days, or does it feel like you’re still dancing the night away as a mom? Share your thoughts in the comments.