Motherhood is challenging and running a startup company is no different. Late nights, emergencies, and the unexpected are often expected. As mothers, wives, and working professionals, we are multitaskers. This is a necessity when balancing days filled with work, meetings, school, activities, practices, dinners and more.

Since starting OmieLife in 2014, I’ve learned many tips that help me maintain order, sanity and time for relaxation and fun! Organization is key, but it won’t save you from the curve balls that are constantly tossed your way. In addition to having patience and keeping an open mind, I’ve learned a few tricks that have helped me along the way.

Lots of Planning

Whether it’s coordinating schedules, planning meals or buying groceries. I have a google doc up with my family’s schedule & favorite recipes. Every Sunday, I pick five meals from the list, and then I know exactly what ingredients are needed and order every online. In September when we get the school calendar, we put all the key dates in our family calendar as well as the google doc. The calendar helps us plan around the key dates, and the google doc helps us manage any schedule changes that come up along the way. It’s also a great tool to communicate with our childcare providers.

Work as a Team with Your Partner

Sometimes schedules are unpredictable with meetings that run late at night or long business trips that come up last minute. For me, it would be impossible to juggle everything and stay sane without my partner’s support. Sometimes he has to pitch in a lot more due to my crazy work schedule, but he does so without complaint or resentment. In fact, he’s my #1 cheerleader. Starting a company from the ground up is hard, hard work, and having emotional support from family/friends can make a huge difference.

Outsource Whatever You Can

For example, use grocery delivery services so you can set up a grocery list and just re-order. Find a dependable dry cleaning service that picks up & delivers. Hire a personal assistant for a few hours a week to help you with life’s most time-consuming tasks, e.g. making doctor’s appointments, planning trips, or even renegotiating your phone bill!

The rewards of motherhood and running your own startup company are endless. Don’t forget to smell the roses along the way – it’s so easy to get caught up in our daily work and schedules. Taking time to see what you’ve accomplished not only instills gratitude, it also reminds you why you chose this path. As long as you have love and support of those around you, the sky’s the limit, but why stop there? The possibilities are limitless!


Featured Photo Courtesy: Nancy Yen