It’s raining here today, pretty heavily, and while I sit here staring out my window considering whether I should start building an ark, it has lead me to think about indoor activities. I’m assuming you think I mean children’s activities, and finding them things to do when they’re bored on a rainy day, but no. I mean adult activities (er, not adult rated activities people), but rather what can I do when it’s pouring down outside and I can’t get out in the garden to plant my new peony roses. Housework vaguely springs to mind, but honestly, what’s the point of even contemplating doing the washing when I can’t even hang it up outside on the line?

So as I sit here twiddling my thumbs I have decided it’s the perfect time to make a list. I love lists, don’t you? They’re such a lovely procrastination tool. Why do tomorrow what you could be doing today, which is make a list so you CAN do it tomorrow. Or next week. Or when you can be bothered. Anyway, to spread a little bit of motivation, (and get myself off the couch), here is a few ideas for your next rainy day slouch fest.

Reading. And I mean an actual book, with words and pages and everything, not just scrolling through your Facebook feed and catching up with the gossip. Make yourself a cup of tea and curl up in a cosy corner, maybe next to the window so you can appreciate the rain (while not having to be stuck out in it), and while away the hours getting lost in the joys of a good story. If you find yourself enjoying the experience why not join a local book club? This will mean even more ‘forced’ reading time, plus you get to catch up with the girls, have a break from the kids AND guzzle down wine! Bonus!

Clear out your clutter. Ok, so you’ve got to be feeling a tad motivated for this one, but honestly, the effort is worth the results. I’ve personally just had a clear out of crap, but that is because I’m moving, but I actually tend to do this every 6 months or so anyway. Attack a room at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed and put your “I’m feeling ruthless” pants on. Make yourself three piles; things to keep, things to donate and things to throw away. Simple. Try not to be sentimental, that can be a major trap and you end up throwing away nothing. All you’ve done then is create more work for yourself as you now have to put EVERYTHING away again. Really, do you need that dried up old mascara any more? Nope. Have you ever worn that paisley kaftan your grandmother bought you? Heck no. Get rid of it.

Create a cocktail. I don’t know what brought this on, perhaps I’m secretly aspiring to be a bartender (?), but what about letting your creative streak loose in the kitchen? Sure I could have said ‘baking’ here and told you to go make some cookies, but I said ‘adult’ activities remember? Cocktails it is. Have a look at what’s in your cupboards and go for it. Probably more of an after 5 activity, but then again, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

Build a cubby. Did you ever build cubby houses out of bedsheets as a kid? Have you done it with your own kids yet? I remember my Dad building me one under the dining table and it had separate rooms and everything! Under the pretence of building it for the kids, grab yourself some sheets and tap in to your inner architect. Chuck some pillows in there, a blanket, grab that book you were reading, (oh…and don’t forget that cocktail) and you’ve now made yourself the perfect place to hide from the kids. Alright, maybe let them in for a look and a quick visit….


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