How do Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell teach their kids about gratitude? Well it certainly isn’t by flaunting their fame. The surprisingly grounded couple recognizes that their celeb status puts them into a category that’s totally different than most—but that doesn’t mean they want their kiddos to grow up with a skewed sense of reality as a result of their personal privilege.

In an interview with TODAY, Shepard noted, “In my family, we try to do what we can to make sure our super privileged kids don’t turn out to be monsters.” Dealing with privilege isn’t always easy for parents. And it’s certainly a challenge for kiddos to understand.

So how do two Hollywood superstars, such as Shepard and Bell, help their children to appreciate the good fortune that they’re lucky enough to have? Shepard also told TODAY, “One of the things we urge them to do is donate their toys to Baby 2 Baby or Toys For Tots.”

According to Shepard, the couple has a pile of toys in their dining room that their kids have outgrown. When it comes to donating those not-used-now toys, the dad to two said, “I think it’s a great way to imbue gratitude for what they have and to open up a conversation where you acknowledge that there is a huge number of kids in the country that don’t have what they have. You explain to them that there are kids that wake up on Christmas with just nothing. I think they can relate to that and it’s a great way to help them improve that power of empathy.”

Along with helping his own kiddos to express gratitude by donating toys to a more than worthy cause, Shepard is also working with Amazon to promote Toys for Tots. If you have an Alexa-enabled device simply say, “Alexa, donate to Toys for Tots.” Choose a toy to donate and that’s it. As an added bonus, Amazon will match your toy donation with one of its own! This Amazon Toys for Tots skill is a great way to start a discussion about gratitude in your own family, too.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Dax Shepard via Instagram 



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